Yanskiss Portrait

"The individuated person is a fully realized person, aware of both the personal and the collective aspects of the self. Individuation is pursued, though rarely achieved, through a lifetime of discipline and self-actualization."

- Terence McKenna

"I'd rather be whole than good."

- Carl G. Jung

Yanskiss is a concept created by Yana Vavdiyuk to express the psychological integration that occurs when a human being seeks to evolve into a whole individual.


Influenced by studies of Carl Jung, Wassily Kandinsky and Emanuel Swedenborg, Yana uses her life and art to show how to record an individual pattern. Abstract painting emerged as a tool for Yana to communicate her pattern with others. Yanskiss is her expression of freedom within a form.

Working with a vivid color palette, variety of brushes, and multiple mediums, her paintings exemplify an effortless blend of personal style and the collective unconscious represented by mandala, spotted in Yana's signature pieces in the form of a flower. Mandala is a symbol of completeness and self-unity. Her subliminal focus on mandala serves as a proof that she is integrating personal with collective.


Yana hopes to encourage others to follow her example and explore the hidden reaches of their own potential to create a lifetime full of joy and individual expression. Her recent work is calling everyone to own their power. She hopes her individual journey can provoke others to seek power within and never doubt their highest potential. 

Yana has worked closely with international brands such as Marimekko and GAP, organizing in-store painting pop-up events to promote Yanskiss.

She has also been commissioned to paint a personal protest piece for CEO and Founder of the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Juanita Moore. Yana’s painted dress was worn by Ms. Moore during the 2017 Wearable Art Gala in Los Angeles and was also exhibited in the Charles H. Wright Museum during Say It Loud: Art, History, Rebellion exhibit in Detroit.

Yana presented her red booth with 11 paintings at Superfine! Art Fair during Miami Art Basel.


She has also had her work collected by private patrons.


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