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Yanskiss x 100 Coconuts

Coconuts and acrylic paint

Location: Miami, FL, USA

In collaboration with Alaska Mangialetto

After utilizing their studies and drawing the connection between the ancient practice of breaking the coconut and Carl Jung’s most famous work on ego and consciousness, Yana Vavdiyuk and designer Alaska Mangialetto created an art installation to open up the conversation on the human ego behind the hard shell of the social mask. In theory, we are all the same (ego) just wearing different masks (persona). To visually express what needs to be done to an ego in order to initiate personal awakening and connect with the consciousness, Yana and Alaska referred to one of the oldest symbols still available today, the coconut. This fibrous one-seeded drupe has a physically synonymous hard outer shell (similar to the metaphorical outer shell persona masks) that must be broken into to get to that parts that are edible. In Hinduism, breaking a coconut symbolizes smashing your ego and humbling yourself before God.  This ancient practice provided a great analogy for Jung’s concept of a spiritual evolution and personal growth, also known as individuation.


100 Coconuts was a two-week long painting project that took place in Miami, Florida. All 100 coconuts were shown during a pop-up painting event for GAP CocoWalk Miami.


Coconuts are available for purchase.

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