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Body painting


Yana helped develop specific patterns to apply on the body of two models to showcase the complexity of the character from the story, “La Mariposa, Butterfly Woman.” 

Location: New York, NY, USA

Body Painting

With the use of her paint and Emanuel Swedenborg’s spiritual explanation of color, Yana was able to synthesize Ousmans’ ideas on Indian Metaphysics, West African Dialectics, and American Urbanization, and create a foundation for nature of the main characters and help remove the concept of the human flesh and skin color.

Location: New York, NY, USA

Object painting


After utilizing their studies and drawing the connection between the ancient practice of breaking the coconut and Carl Jung’s most famous work on ego and consciousness, Yana Vavdiyuk and designer Alaska Mangialetto created an art installation to open up the conversation on the human ego behind the hard shell of the social mask.


Location: Miami, FL, USA

Coconuts are available for purchase.


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